i'm on the pursuit of happiness.

jenny. 21. feel free to talk to me <3


I think the only way for Apple to redeem itself for the whole iphone 6 bending problem is to rename the company to Banana.

You’re welcome Apple

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Imagine that one day the whole world would look like this.


mother nature reclaiming earth is my favorite thing

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I just left the dentists and they put me on laughing gas and the nurse asked if I had a boyfriend and instead of saying “no” or “not right now” or some normal human response I had to choose to say “nope. single as a pringle”



memes come and go but bees and the skeleton war are forever

i lied. bees are not forever. go to savebees.org to learn more about how you can help

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Once in high school my friend kicked her leg up and her shoe flew off and smashed into the ceiling with this huge BANG and the teacher whirled around and yelled “WHO DID THAT?” and my friend just stared at her as the ceiling tile fell and shattered on the floor between them and the shoe thumped down on top of it and my friend just went “that’s not my shoe” while standing there with one shoe on

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